Potentially hundreds of New Haven residents have faulty foundations

NEW HAVEN -- When the State Bonding Commission awarded residents of northeastern Connecticut communities $5 million to fix their crumbling basements last month, many residents of New Haven took note.

Residents of the Westville section of New Haven, near the Yale Golf Course, have had issues with their home’s foundations crumbling or sinking and even flooding for more than a decade.

And local and state legislators are asking that the governor approve $4 million in state funding for assessments and improvements of their homes and properties.

Charles and Cheryl Jackson's residence of 12 years, on Fountain Terrace, is riddled with trouble.

“Seeing things move in your home that’s not supposed to be moving, walls and floors and cracks is very scary,” said Cheryl Jackson.

Stairs to their basement began to lean, contributing to Mrs. Jackson falling and breaking both hands and arms. She has bigger concerns, though.

“The thing I am most scared about is the hot water heater is gas and-the furnace is gas. And if something ever happens, we’re gone.”

The estimate of homes impacted could be in the hundreds, according to Alder Darryl Brackeen, Jr.

State Rep Pat Dillon (D-New Haven) is requesting $4 million be approved by the State Bond Commission for home assessments and repairs, which the city’s Alders appreciate

"Water coming into the basement, foundations cracking and crumbling, floors being uneven so you can take a marble and it just rolls down," said Alder Richard Furlow (D-New Haven).

The Jackson's say if additional state funding is denied, they'll be stuck having to foot a repair bill estimated to be approximately $75,000.

"For one thing, we won’t have $75,000," said Cheryl Jackson. "We will just have to go."

Meaning walk away from the home.

Many homes in this part of the city were built on land that used to be occupied by lakes and ponds until the 1930's.