Calls for justice in Jayson Negron case reach steps of the Waterbury Superior Court

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WATERBURY -- The crowd in front of the Waterbury Superior court Monday afternoon made a promise to the State's Attorney's Office.

"We'll be back," chanted the crowd.

They assured those inside the court that they won't stop coming back until transparency inside the State's Attorney's office and the Bridgeport Police Department is reached.

This effort is in response to the shooting death of Jayson Negron.

"They seem to be scared to know that so many people are behind Jayson," said Jeannia Fu who helped organize this rally.

This group has been fighting since May 9th when Jayson Negron was shot by James Boulay, the Bridgeport officer involved in the shooting.

Police say Negron attempted to hit officer Boulay with a car but witness accounts are contradicting that claim. Police say surveillance video from a nearby Walgreen store backs up their story but the state's attorney's office is withholding that footage from the public.

The group hand delivered a petition with hundreds of signatures demanding the video be released. They say they won't stop protesting until transparency is reached.