Caught on camera: stolen car rams into oncoming vehicle in Wethersfield

WETHERSFIELD -- Wethersfield Police are searching for three teenagers believed to have been driving a stolen car that was caught on dashcam ramming into another car at an intersection.

The crash happened Sunday evening around 5:30 p.m. in front of a shopping plaza on Silas Dean Highway.

"The "at fault" car was stolen out of South Windsor. The three teens took off after the accident apparently uninjured. The "non at fault" car was occupied by a family of three who were all injured and were taken to the hospital.

"I think it awakens people, one is how fast accidents occur how dangerous these intersections are even though they're completely controlled," said Police Chief James Cetran after the department posted the video to Facebook. "You can't trust what other people are going to do."

Police say car theft is more common than it should be because it is a preventable crime. "Lock your cars," said Cetran. "We've been professing that for I can't tell you how long, yet there are still on a nightly basis because cars are being broken into and stolen because they're unlocked or the fob or the keys are in the car or nearby."

The teens are still on the loose. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Wethersfield Police.