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Locals react to Kevin the turkey being captured and relocated

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WETHERSFIELD – A turkey named Kevin has been a fixture in Wethersfield until Wednesday night.

The state made the decision to move the bird.

He has been a local legend and has been well-known across the country. People in Wethersfield said Kevin has been a part of the neighborhood and they are sad to see him go.

“Everybody knows who Kevin is,” said Lauren Cattell of Rocky Hill.

Rain or shine, Kevin is out for his daily stroll and has stopped traffic for an extended period of time, but people said they did not care.

“He’s like a local celebrity over here,” said Ana Cortese of Manchester.

For years, Kevin made Wethersfield his home and people welcomed him with open arms but they were also worried.

“A lot of people were concerned about his safety and a lot of people were sad to see him go,” said John Jakubowski, co-owner of Old Country Store.

Kevin was so well-known, residents created a fan page for him on Facebook and the Old Country Store on Main Street sells Kevin-themed gifts.

“Calendars, children’s books, a lot of wine glasses,” added Jakubowski.

It was around 1:30 p.m., Wednesday when Environmental police officers captured Kevin by Jordan Lane and the Silas Deane Highway. Officials said he was brought to a safe location where he will no longer be a danger to himself and others.

“You know, I’ll tell you … I’m not really sad because I care about animals and hopefully they put him in a good place where he’s safe like in a sanctuary,” said Mary Jo Bordieri of Wethersfield.

“I’m sad because he really united this town and the surrounding towns and everything, but I’m kind of happy he’s out of dangerous now and he’s in safe place. He was really starting to locate out of this area,” said Lauren Cattell of Rocky Hill.

“Well, it’s that Witness Protection Program is what we believe it is! We were concerned and we were hoping he was okay, so we’re glad to hear he is,” said Cheryl DiMauro of Manchester.

While Kevin is no longer in Wethersfield, his legacy will carry on.

“Who knows! Maybe Wethersfield will get a new turkey next year!” added Cattell.

Wethersfield police said they are unsure where Kevin was taken to but on his Facebok fan page, people posted saying he is in a sanctuary in Colebrook.