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Playtime is just beginning for a South Windsor family

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SOUTH WINDSOR -- A family who lost their backyard playscape following a recent storm, is back in business thanks to their community coming forward to help.

Lauren Goudreault, a single mother of four kids, two who have special needs, said she is overwhelmed by the generosity of her town.

"I just never imagined it," she said. Gouldreault's good fortune came after her college roommate, Elena Dykas, took to social media to try and get another playscape for the family. It worked,  just two miles away Nila Maulucci and her 13-year-old son, Halin saw the post and decided to donate their rather elaborate pirate ship playscape to the Gouldreault's who they had never met.

Halin Maulucci said "why not give it to a family that needs it? Their playscape was destroyed so why not donate it."

A crew from Kloter Farms rigged the playscape and made the delivery to the Gouldreault's backyard. Josh Gouldreault, 9, watched as the new addition to his backyard was put in place.

"It's really cool and I'm really excited to play on it," he said. "I'm probably going to go on it every single day." Dykas added, "It looks like Christmas has come early today."

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