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HARTFORD -- It's December in New England and those of you native to the area know exactly what that means.

"Let's let it come. White Christmas, let's let it happen," says Newtown native John Metcalf.

The first snow of the year is expected to fall this weekend and experts say drivers should rethink how they travel on the roads.

The Department of Transportation has been busy adding pre-treatment to roads to ensure an extra level of safety on the roads.

If you've been driving on certain highways across the state, you've probably noticed the white striped lines. That sediment is a salt brine mixture meant to help melt snow faster in the most troubled areas.

"We're focusing on bridge surfaces, highways, valleys and micro climate areas where areas that we know are prone to freeze up or become problematic when it come to snow," says DOT spokesperson Kevin Nursick.

He says the pre-treatment is helpful but it's not an automatic fix for road quality. You still need to be careful.

"People still need to slow it down. It's going to be slippery if the snow comes in this just helps us get the snow off of there faster, it helps improve conditions, hopefully helps prevent crashes.," says Nursick.

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