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Shoppers by the shoreline rush to supermarkets in preparation

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NEW HAVEN - As Connecticut braces for the first snowstorm of the season, people were out and about getting everything they need before it hits especially those living by the shore.

One of the busiest places Friday night was the supermarket.

C-Town Supermarkets on Ferry Street in New Haven said they were more packed than usual. Shoppers said they needed to grab the essentials since Mother Nature may drop more snow than predicted.

People like Days Beltran and her family are regulars at C-Town Supermarkets. Beltran said she drove 45 minutes from Clinton just to buy everything they need for their family reunion on Saturday.

"I feel a little nervous because we don’t know how it’s going to come and it could be a lot or it could be less, but I hope everything’s going to be fine," said Beltran of Clinton.

However, Beltran was not the only one who got the bread, milk and eggs. Tashauna Dixon's cart also filled up quickly as she was shopping for her kids knowing she still has to go to work Saturday.
"We have to get the ice melt, we have to get some water, we got to get some snacks for the kids, got to get the gas ... got to get everything prepared basically," said Dixon of New Haven.

The mayor of East Haven, Joseph Maturo Jr. said he is well-prepared with plow trucks, parking ban notices and pre-treating the roads with what he called "Magic Salt.'

"As soon as I hear snowfall, all I think is dollar bills because the men have to go out and overtime and we spend a lot of money," said Maturo.

Mayor Maturo sent out a warning to those who live by the shoreline. He said if the storm brings strong winds, it may splash the water onto the roads which can lead to icy conditions.

"We were still able to put in an extra $20,000 into that snow account, so we have roughly about $220,000 in that account which is another 20%," added Maturo.

The parking ban in East Haven is in effect all winter-round but the mayor said for those who have to head out Saturday, it is important to drive slow and to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

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