West Hartford prepares for first snow of the season

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WEST HARTFORD – Cities and towns across Connecticut are working hard to prepare for the first snow of the season, including West Hartford.

The West Hartford Department of Public Works Street Department Manager Brian Mitchell said preparations begin months in advance.

“We’ve been working on the routes, assigning the drivers,” Mitchell said. “Our fleet department has been going through the trucks making sure everything’s ready for snow operations.”

The West Hartford DPW will have crews in early Saturday to start pre-treating the roads. The town has about 3,000 tons of salt, including treated salt, waiting to be used. Mitchell said the tin shed where the salt is kept will be emptied several times this winter.

Mitchell said each driver will hit their assigned route to make sure all 216 miles of roads are treated in the town. There will also be extra staff on standby.

“What I would say is if you don’t have to go out, please stay home, enjoy the day,” he said. “If you do have to go out be very careful, first storm we gotta get our skills back in order, I would ask that you please give our drivers and other drivers throughout the state a clear road to work.”

A parking ban goes in effect in West Hartford beginning at 7 a.m. on Saturday through 9 a.m., Sunday.

No street parking is allowed during the parking ban, so snow removal can take place. The DPW said cars left on the road create a safety hazard. If you do not remove your car from the street you can face a fine and your car could be towed.

The DPW is keeping off-street neighborhood municipal lots open for drivers to park their cars. If you use a lot, remove your car by 9 a.m., Sunday.

As far as snow removal goes, property owners in West Hartford are responsible for removing any snow and ice from the sidewalk within 12 hours after the storm or sunrise.

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