New group to support more female legislative candidates

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The hall of the House of Representatives at the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford (file photo)

HARTFORD — A new group has been formed to support progressive female candidates in Connecticut.

PoliticaCT plans to recruit, educate and mobilize its members to back women running for the General Assembly next year. While women make up 51.2 percent of the Connecticut’s population, they comprise 27.8 percent of the legislature.

PoliticaCT Board Member and Democratic state Representative Robyn Porter of New Haven says the group was founded on the belief “that our communities and our democracy are stronger when women are full and equal participants.”

Organizers say the idea for PoliticaCT grew from discussions among women leaders about the 2016 election results. They had voiced concerns about the lack of support in the General Assembly to pass certain progressive policy issues, such as pay equity and paid family and medical leave.