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Connecticut commuters react to terror in New York

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FAIRFIELD -- Connecticut travelers returned home on edge, Monday night, following an attempted terror attack in New York.

Julie Low was in Grand Central when she found out a man detonated a homemade pipe bomb at a Port Authority bus terminal near Time Square. Authorities are calling the incident an "attempted terrorist attack."

"There was definitely reaction within Grand Central, there was heightened security," Low said. "It's not something that shocks us anymore really, its really terrifying."

Low was one of several commuters that told FOX61 they sadly weren't surprised to hear the news.

"Unfortunately its kinda become too commonplace it seems like," Traveler Andy Cook said. "But it's disturbing."

While at Fairfield Metro Train Station, Monday night, police responded to an unattended bag. A woman showed up and said the bag was her colleagues who was returning to D.C., and she accidentally left it behind.

"As I approached the bag two police officers approached at the same time and told me to stand back that they had to be careful because of the kind of thing that happened today," Sandi MIchaelson said. "It's a different world, normally a few years back or ten years ago if you left a bag you’d just be worried that maybe someone had taken it."

The bag was cleared for Michaelson to take home as it was just filled with holiday gifts but she said it's a good reminder if you see something, to say something.

"You just want it to stop and its not," Low said.

Low said despite these attacks, it's not going to hold her back from traveling or going to highly populated places.

"It doesn’t stop me because you have to go on and live your life," she said. "I think a lot more about how I would go about doing something now then how I would do something five years ago ."