Waterbury man rents food truck to feed the homeless

WATERBURY -- Christmas is around the corner but for Jaspal Singh, the cheer came a little bit sooner.

"In the spirit of the holiday I want to do something special," says Singh.

Singh has been working in Waterbury for around five years. In that time he says the community has embraced him as one of their own. Singh observed how many of his surrounding community members go to sleep hungry.

So he did something about it.​

On Saturdays and Sundays Singh rents out a food truck from Frankie's Hot Dog King and feeds the needy. Hundreds line up outside the truck to eat free hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries.

“This is my people now. This is my city now. This city gives my  bread and butter.," says Singh.

Next he plans to offer blankets and clothing to those who need it through the winter months.

Singh says it's a small price to pay for a feeling he says is priceless.

“Overtime I see somebody smiling I say thank you God. Thank you God. I just want to do something so I could give smiles to more people.," says Singh.