UPS employee accused of stealing packages during delivery in North Haven

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NORTH HAVEN -- A woman spoke out after police said a UPS driver's helper stole a package out of her mailbox on Monday.

While she did get her package back, she wanted to make sure this does not happen to anyone else.

"I was like did this just happen? I couldn't believe it," said Kristine Wolfe.

It was two days ago when Wolfe looked out her window to see a UPS employee put a package in her mailbox and then take a package she already had inside -- a $50 video game which was a Christmas gift for her boyfriend. She says she confronted him after seeing him slip a video game under his shirt.

"I was lucky enough to be home," said Wolfe.

When she called police, officers took Quintell Suggs, 26, of New Haven into custody and Wolfe got her game back.

However, police said Wolfe was not the only victim. Suggs also stole a $150 BOSE speaker from a business on Republic Drive.

Police also said Suggs already had an arrest warrant after he failed to show up to court for a motor vehicle violation.

FOX 61 reached out to UPS for a comment and a spokesman said:

"We run background checks of all candidates for employment, but in this case our screening process did not turn up any prior criminal history for this individual, who was hired to work as a "driver's helper" for the remaining days of the holiday shipping period. The individual has been terminated and we are cooperating fully with the authorities. We are also reviewing the screening process with the outside service we used for this particular background check."

UPS also said Suggs was a temporary holiday worker and was hired two days before the incident happened.

Neighbors said they are now nervous when it comes to ordering products online.

"No one's ever robbed anything from this neighborhood and it makes me think I better start locking my car up a little more," said North Haven resident, Tony Brown.

Suggs has been charged with failure to appear and two counts of sixth degree larceny and was held on a $10,000 bond.

UPS also said Suggs has been terminated and they are now working on better ways to conduct their background checks.