Governor Malloy releases budget mitigation plan

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HARTFORD –Governor Malloy released his constitutional obligatory deficit mitigation plan to the legislature Wednesday afternoon.

In it are cuts to services and hikes in taxes. They are painful proposals that the administration says are necessary to balance  the budget with a deficit of more than 200 million dollars.

Social Services will be taking a hit in the funding they receive from the state. It includes the family support grant, school passed health centers as well as mental health and substance abuse services.

The Old State House, a familiar target for cuts, will be closed beginning January 1st.

Towns will take yet another hit in their state aid along with those associated school districts in order to save the state an estimated 100 million dollars.

Meanwhile, in addition to cuts, there are also proposed increases in taxes.

Currently at 6:35%, the rate will increase to 6.5% ot 6.9% depending on how dire the revenue situation in the state is.

Tobacco takes in cigars go up by 50 cents and cigarettes get another tax hike by 25 cents to $4.60 a pack.

Another proposal being put on the table is liquor, win, and beer sales. The state’s minimum bottle pricing will be eliminated and grocery stores will be permitted to sell wine. The proposal is estimated to bring in 2.6 million dollars over the next two years.

The legislature has the option of acting or ignoring the governor’s plan. They aren’t expected to take any action until after the new year.