‘Tis the season for soft targets

NAUGATUCK —  Police departments across Connecticut have regularly warmed the public about the importance of locking your vehicles to curb the rising number of thefts.

But, the Naugatuck Police Department reminds you ’tis the season for other soft targets, as well.

Of course, one of the biggest problems this time of year can be packages being swiped from the front steps of residences. But, most people FOX61 spoke with Tuesday said they are not all that concerned with the Grinch stealing their Christmas.

Terri Takacs, of Naugatuck, said she prays for her packages to be safe.

“I really do. I probably get about 8 to 10 packages a week from Amazon,” she said, laughing.

“Fortunately, I have a front porch and my delivery guys know to leave them behind chairs,” said Paula Mercier of Naugatuck.

One man said if it’s “an iPhone, or something along those lines, I definitely would rather them hold it off until I’m home,” said Eyad Ahmed of Naugatuck.

But, if you shop at brick and mortar stores for your gifts, make sure you hide your purchases well in your car.

“People leaving valuables out, exposed in their car, when they’re shopping, then it just becomes very easy target,” said Deputy Chief Joshua Bernegger of the Naugatuck Police Dept.

And, when the holidays are over, Barnegger said, “Be careful about what boxes you put out at the curb. They can be an advertisement to a burglar as to what, what you have in the house.”

He adds that people should keep in mind that this is a very desperate time of year for many folks “and they’re looking for an easy score.”