Torrington teen avoided attempted abduction 

TORRINGTON --  Police said they’re not certain whether an incident they responded to Monday afternoon was a case of burglar being interrupted, or a teenager being targeted inside a Torrington apartment.

A 16-year-old girl, who told police her screaming and struggling prevented an abduction from her family‘s Woodland Hills apartment.

The Torrington High School student got off the school bus, walked into her apartment and looked at her computer screen, just inside the door, and became startled by what she read.

According to a neighbor, who did not want her identity revealed, the teen told her the message was written in Spanish.

The neighbor said they told the girl not to scream and that the author of the note would not hurt her. It also stated that he would not show his face because she may recognize him.

Then, according to the neighbor, the alleged perpetrator jumped out from behind the door and put something that tasted and smelled like alcohol,  over the 16-year-old's mouth.

The teen told police that after a brief struggle, she got away and the man, who was wearing a motorcycle helmet, fled out of the back door.

"The suspect is described as 5'6" to 5'7", wearing a black jacket, red plaid pants and black sneakers," said Lieutenant Bart Barown of the Torrington Police Dept.

Barown said that because there are over a dozen buildings in the Woodland Hills apartment complex, they’re confident somebody saw something.

"We are still looking for any video cameras that citizens may have in their apartments," said Barown.