Ellington students learning EMT skills

ELLINGTON -- The Ellington Volunteer EMS Corps are always first on the scene, responding to the people in their town.

And thanks to their close proximity to Ellington High School, there's a program where they partner with students at the school to train them to become first responders.

There are veteran members, who have been serving for decades, teaching these high school students the ropes.

The program is preparing the students to become full-time staff one day. The partnership with Ellington High School is just one of the many aspects that sets this group apart. Not only do they help respond to the emergencies in town, but they are grooming future first responders while doing it.

The volunteer aspect is crucial and one that they takes very seriously. The volunteer EMS corps in Ellington emulates the compassion, courage, and dedication that goes hand-in-hand with being a first responder.