FOX61 EXCLUSIVE: Price Rite checkout lanes turn into a haven of giving in Wethersfield

WETHERSFIELD --  Loaded with cash, cards, and holiday spirit, volunteers turned Price Rite checkout lanes into a haven of giving.

"I'm here from Christmas Wish CT, and we're going to pay for your groceries today,” a volunteer told a customer in line.

The local charity teamed up with the grocery chain in Wethersfield Wednesday to surprise shoppers.

Volunteer "elves" handed out $3,000 worth of cash and gift cards to cashiers, leaving customers with smiles, surprised looks, and the urge to give a hug.

Christmas Wish CT was founded by Mike Stacy from Lite 100.5 WRCH with a goal of sharing the Christmas spirit year round.  He started it in 2004.

"You want to see light, you want to see positive, you want to see people helping people and that is exactly what Christmas Wish CT is,” said Stacy, "Everybody is jolly around the holidays and we like to do nice things so that it spreads forward."