FOX61 EXCLUSIVE: Mother outraged over 5-year-old daughter allowed to wander away from school alone in Manchester

MANCHESTER - Maciel Cristobal is demanding answers from Manchester Public School officials after she said her five-year-old daughter somehow,wandered out of Washington Elementary School.

"I have no words," said Cristobal. "A lot of things went through my mind, she could have gotten hit by a car, she could have been kidnapped."

The incident happened Wednesday morning after Aileen complained she was feeling ill. After a visit to the school nurse, her mother said Aileen was told to pack up her belongings to go home. Meanwhile, Maciel said she began walking to school to pick up her daughter.

She was shocked to find her daughter, two blocks away, looking distraught on the sidewalk. Administrators told Maciel there was likely a misunderstanding but the mother tells FOX61 she didn't get a straight answer.

Manchester Public Schools Spokesman Jim Farrell told FOX61, "We're aware of the situation, we're investigating and take student safety seriously."

Maciel hopes the incident will spur a change in policy.