FOUND! State Police find missing K9 Texas

DANBURY — A Connecticut State Police bloodhound that went missing in a wooded area has been found alive and well.

The dog was involved in a search Wednesday evening for a man with autism who had gone missing in Danbury near Wooster Mountain. During the search a handler lost his footing on the steep terrain and dropped the dog’s leash.

Another bloodhound located the missing man who was brought safely out of the woods.

“That dog is one of us, it’s not just a dog,” said Connecticut State Police Captain David Delvecchia.

“Everyone really came out to help, the community has been pouring in their support,” added Cpt. Delvechhia.

Homeland Security Special Agent, Jeff Kehlenbech, said “I just heard this howling behind me from up the hill. I searched lakes and ponds for the unfortunate scenario of him falling in.”

Texas was found in good condition, stuck to a fence about three miles away in Ridgefield. Local homeowner Laura Stabelle came upon Kelhlenbech and helped out with the search.

“I looked and he has the dog and leash in his hands and I’m like that’s the dog! I pulled right over where he was waving his arms and I was like get him into a warm car quick,” said Stabelle.

Delvecchia said the safe reunion has made this holiday season even better.

“It truly is a wish come true for Christmas and it’s just really great to have him home,” said Delvecchia.