Durham Christmas tree farm closes after 23 years of service

DURHAM -- It’s the end of a family tradition in Durham during the holiday season.

Saturday was the last day the Craftsbury Christmas Farm will be open for business.

The nearly 6 acre property has been the place thousands of families have gone to get their Christmas trees for 23 years. “It’s been a tough month, it’s been a big part of many people’s lives including my family and it will certainly be a change come next year,” said owner Peter Hinman.

Owner Peter Hinman’s lease of the land is not being renewed, the owners of the property have plans to turn it into a solar farm.

Saturday every tree left over was given away free to anyone who stopped by.

“It’s the end of an era for sure, we’ll certainly miss all of the traditions,” said employee Matt Gregory.

Everyone involved would also like to thank their thousands of customers over the years.