Last minute shoppers look for the perfect gift in Glastonbury shopping plaza

GLASTONBURY -- Christmas might be two days away but shopping plazas and malls are still extremely busy as many are out getting last-minute gifts.

The shops at Somerset Square had quite the traffic as shoppers rushed to get last-minute gifts before the stores closed.

"Oh I was just so busy with school and trying to get up here, " said shopper Michelle Allaire.

For some people, they try their best to avoid going out to shop all together.

"You know, the malls are crowded. It’s horrible to be there. I go on Amazon, eBay and try to find some special gifts on eBay," David Squeglia of New Haven.

The National Retail Federation shows pros and cons to shopping online versus in-store. Shops can beef up their window display to show case their newest products while shoppers can see and test out the item before they make a decision to buy.

A few shoppers had varying opinions of the subject.

"Mine changes per year. This year, I got home from school late and didn’t get any presents, so I got some online and last ones here," said Allie Goss of Glastonbury.

"I like to touch the items, pick them up. You know, have them in my hand and really get a sense of what I’m buying," said Allaire.

Regardless of the preference, 'tis the season for shopping.