Police investigating after car stolen with child inside in Hartford

HARTFORD — Hartford Police are investigating after a person stole a car with a child inside.

On Sunday, around 6 p.m., a woman called 911 to report her car stolen. She was inside the laundromat at 1880 Main Street to wash clothes. While she was inside, she left her one-year-nephew inside the running car with the heat on. She told police that she could see her car as she took her clothes out, but then she looked back up and noticed her car was gone.

Officers immediately responded. Surrounding towns were also notified. Around 38 minutes later, the car and the child were found near 101 Pliny Street. The child was safe and unharmed. A K9 unit was brought in to track but yielded negative results.

Suspect information was developed after interviewing the woman and other witnesses, and police say a warrant is being applied for.