Arctic chill settles across the state, make sure your car is ready

HARTFORD -- “I’m freezing, let me get in and buy a good cup of coffee," says Leo Hebert of Wethersfield. " I’m getting too old for this!”

Old or young, most can agree that it is cold outside!

“I am really cold, really ice cold," laughs Joseph Vasquez of Wethersfield, "It’s bad!”

"I didn’t want to get out of bed," adds Jonathan Pontacoloni of Wethersfiled. "It’s just extremely frigid!”

But in these neck of the woods, you could say we are used it is.

“It’s winter in new England," says Dino Pandolfo of Middletown.

And winter in New England means that now is the time to get your cars checked. Check your tire pressure, batteries, headlights and safety kits in order to make sure you're prepared for this frigid weather.

“Actually I have to go and check the tire pressure because I have a light on in here," says Vasquez.

“Absolutely always have an emergency kit, tire pressure is always good, oil is always in and car is ready to roll," says Pontacoloni.

So if your car is ready to roll, and you've bundled up: Prepare to brace the arctic blast!

“Go get warm," says Pontacoloni. "Stay warm it’s cold!”

If you or someone you know needs a warming center click here, or you can dial 211 to locate one near you.