Carbon monoxide poisoning risks with cold weather

HARTFORD — This time of the year, the dangers of CO gas are especially prevalent.

Everyone who uses oil, natural gas, liquid propane, or wood and pellet stoves should be making sure their heating system has been cleaned, and inspected within the last year. If you don’t, you could risk having carbon monoxide seep into your home.

CO is an odorless but deadly gas. CO alarms are a good way to detect leaks.

The gas is able to seep through window casings, door frames, and even penetrate through outside walls. If you suspect that you may have been exposed you might notice flu like symptoms such as, headache, lead headness, or sleepiness. If not treate quickly ti could result in brain damage or even death.

For more on the dangers of CO CT you can call the Department of Public Health at 860-509-7740, or visit their website