Arctic cold is here to stay for the next several days

It is essential that you keep an eye on things that sensitive to prolonged sub-freezing weather, including exposed pipes and your pets – who should never be left outside in these conditions.

List of warming centers across the state.

After cold through the week, a storm system will brew and pass south of the state. Model forecasts are unusually inconclusive on the overall evolution of this storm which keeps uncertainty high. Possible scenarios for us include very little snow impact with reinforcing shots of cold air – to a moderate winter storm with with bitter cold expected after it passes. Models will hopefully clear things up within the next 24 hours, and we will likely be able to clarify things by then.

That said… 2018 will start significantly colder than average, so make use of your warmest winter gear!

AAA says around 100 calls for service was made in one hour alone. They believe it'll be a brutal week with the cold temperatures combined with holiday travel and New Years Eve.

TONIGHT: More cold. Lows near zero.

FRIDAY: Bitter Cold. Sub-zero lows possible. Sunshine mixing with afternoon clouds. High: Upper 10s to near 20.

SATURDAY(Weather Watch): Chance of snow. High: Near 20.

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. High: Mid-upper 10s.

MONDAY: Sunny. Cold. High: Mid 10s.

TUESDAY: Sunny. Cold. High: Upper 10s.

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