Work in CT: Farmington business keep up with evolving demands

FARMINGTON -- The printing press at Data Management Incorporated in Farmington doesn’t slow down. It seems to constantly be going and putting out the company’s signature visitor passes.

Data Management has been in business since 1961, evolving over the years to keep up with the ever-changing customer demands when it comes to printing.

“What we do today is we’re a specialty product printing and software development company. We make visitor management solution products. Our product line is called Visitor Pass Solutions, and so for schools, corporations, hospitals, we create the badges and the software that basically registers visitors,” said Dan Hincks, CEO of Data Management Inc.

Ron Coleman, National Accounts Executive for Data Management Inc., showed us how it operates.

“This is the Visitor Pass System. It’s designed to be a cloud based system, so it’s very easy for a company to use on their system,” said Coleman.

“It quickly pulls up the information about who signed in, saves a picture from the previous visit. You can put in where the person is from, where they’re going, and this is all designed to be very intuitive. You see it looks just like the badge,” said Coleman.

But there’s something different about this badge.

“Tomorrow if they try to use the same badge, it will say pink void, and it will be very obvious to security that they need to address that person and get a new badge,” said Coleman.

In today’s climate, where security is a top priority for many schools and companies, that extra step is key.

Hincks 6:11:54 “We feel good that we’re doing our share to keep the world a safer place,” said Hincks.

Hincks says about 15 percent of the company’s business is international. About 85 percent is in the United States. The company is making a big push to get even more clients right here in Connecticut. It wants to invest even more in the state, because this is where his father started the company.

“Connecticut is a great place to live. We love Connecticut. Connecticut has been a great place for us to work, mostly because the quality of life here is great and the quality of the people is just a great resource for excellent, highly educated, thoughtful people, hardworking people,” said Hincks.