Crews battle house fire in Middlefield

MIDDLEFIELD -- Crews battled a fire overnight on Kickapoo Road in Middlefield. The fire was still burning early Friday morning after starting Thursday night.

The State Fire Marshal's office was on scene, but crews were unable to enter the house due to the smoky conditions, and the interior had collapsed.

The fire also proved difficult to fight because of the frigid conditions causing major icing up on the road. Kikapoo Road is on a steep hill,  which caused major problems for crews and their equipment. Throughout the morning, crews had to return back to the station to thaw out frozen equipment in order to keep fighting the fire. An excavator was brought in to demolish the house in order to alleviate the smoke filling up the home, allowing that smoke to escape.

While neighbors said the house was vacant, fire crews themselves have been unable to confirm that. Also, the crews have not been able to determine a cause of the fire.