Almost 150 people displaced in Bridgeport following a steam pipe break

Photo Credit: News 12

BRIDGEPORT — A broken steam pipe has relocated almost one hundred and fifty people from their residences.

Late Friday evening, officials of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) responded to Success Village apartments, after they were requested to bring cots and blankets.

Management of the complex said that there was a damaged steam pipe that was scheduled to be repaired on January 2. The pipe broke down before the repair date and almost 10 buildings holding somewhere between a hundred to a hundred and fifty people had limited or no heat. Before the EOC became involved, management was using a Community Room for those without heat that could not afford a hotel or could not stay with family and friends.

The EOC with help from the Department of Public Facilities, deployed a Mass Care Shelter about an hour after the initial calls.  The shelter has a hundred and fifty cots and over two hundred blankets.

Management of the complex and the EOC met after all impacted were helped to discuss how to fix the situation. The EOC made it clear that the issue should be fixed with urgency because of the frigid temperatures.

As of Saturday,  management officials said that the pipe was excavated on December 31 and that there is no time table until it is dug out. Most of the apartment complex residents stayed with friends and family.