What are the resolutions you know you won’t live up to?

HARTFORD -- We've all heard those New Year's resolutions before.

Maybe you want to lose a little weight or promise to be a bit kind this time around. Well, it's time to come to terms with the things we just wont live up to for 2018. We'll call it your New Year's Compromise.

A lot of people we spoke to are coming to terms with the fact that they just won't wake up in time for the new year.

"I love taking my little naps after a really long, hard day and so that's definitely not going away in the new year," says Karla Apaonte Roque of Southington.

Others just decided to throw in the towel.

"I'm definitely not going to get any less busy," says Bridget Oei. "Every year I tell myself I'll take some things off, get extra vacation days but it never happens."

There's nothing wrong with coming to terms with reality.

What will you compromise in 2018?