Branford couple welcomes 1st baby of new year at Yale-New Haven

NEW HAVEN -- As many rang in the new year by watching the ball drop, the Levy family of Branford rang in the new year with something else... their first baby, and the first baby of the new year at Yale New Haven Hospital!

“It was not until one of the nurses said I think you had the first baby of the year," says new dad, Harrison Levy. "I didn’t know really what time it was until afterwards.”

Levy says he had no idea what day or time it was, he was simply overcome with joy for the birth of his first child, Layla Rose.

“She is 8 pounds 10 ounces, cute baby, very very soft, very quiet, doesn’t cry a lot so hopefully that stays the same once we get her home," says Levy.

Levy says the Layla's birth is a blur, but it's something he knows he will never forget.

"It’s hard to describe the whole process, it’s just I guess you have to live it in order to really know what it’s like," says Levy.

The couple checked in early Sunday morning, and 58 seconds after the clock struck midnight, Layla Rose was born.

“Once the baby was born the first thing she wanted was the have the baby in her arms, which was just beautiful," says Levy. "The whole process of that where the baby started crying, and just said we did it.”

Layla Rose arrived slightly ahead of her January 4th due date, and the couple says they chose not to find out the sex before she was born.

“Just wanted a healthy baby so the whole process was fun just to find out everybody at the same time in the room," says Levy.

Layla's birth now adds yet another family milestone to a month that is already filled with several celebrations.

"Yesterday was our 4th year anniversary, and now our first child was born the day after on New Year's Day, so definitely a great celebration," says Levy.

And to top it all off, Layla's birth happened on the very same floor that mom Amelia works on as a nurse!

"We are lucky that great people took care of us," says Levy.