Gov. Malloy issues warning ahead of snow storm

EAST HARTFORD --  Governor Malloy offered reassurance to Connecticut residents that the state is all hands on deck as a winter snow storm is set to hit the state Thursday.

"We have ordered the activation of our emergency command center beginning at 6 a.m. That will be open for at least 12 hours after that and will be ready to handle calls at that center," says Malloy.

The DOT will be ready with salt and plows during the snowfall but the liquid salt "brine" commonly found on roads prior to snowstorms didn't happen this time around.

"It's been too cold for us to pretreat," says DOT spokesperson Kevin Nursick. "If we go out and try to pretreat that material will freeze on the roadways creating a safety hazard."

Nevertheless he says it won't be an issue. There's already a lot of residual salt on the roads right now that essentially act as a state wide pretreatment.

"That's going to put us in better shape not essentially during the storm but as the storm stops and we make final clean-up efforts. That's going to help us get down to bare asphalt sooner," says Nursick.

Governor Malloy also asked resident to stay home and take safety precautions inside.

"Do not bring heaters into your house that will generate emissions in your house with gasses," says Malloy. "That's a dangerous thing to do and people will die."