Clean up underway for Middletown’s first blizzard of the year

MIDDLETOWN -- The shovels are out in full force following the year's first winter storm.

Plow trucks have been clearing the streets of Middletown all day and night Thursday during the storm. But, emergency crews are saying this storm wasn't as bad as they initially expected.

“We’ve had no power outages here today at all," said Middletown Fire Chief Robert Kronenberger. "Call volume is minimal. nothing crazy, nothing out of the ordinary and no major accidents.”

Middletown's Police Department said they've had an easy day as well. They said they only received about two dozen calls for snow tows.

Snow plows worked well into the night clearing residential streets in order to get ready for the morning commute.

But there may not be one for Middletown Schools. Mayor Dan Drew announced all schools will be closed for Friday.

Now, the next issue residents will have to deal with is the cold. Emergency responders want people to know that it's okay to ask for help.

"Bundle up, layer up, stay home. If you got a problem and you need help, call 911," said Kronenberger. "We've done  a couple of carbon monoxide calls today. We've done a couple smells but again nothing out of the ordinary. And I think people were very thankful that we'd go out in this kind of weather just to make sure they're safe. So if there's any question don't be afraid. Just call 911."