New Haven, Branford deals with aftermath of snow storm

NEW HAVEN/BRANFORD - As many of us stayed inside and watched the big snowstorm pass through Connecticut Thursday, there were also people who were out and about whether it was traveling for their jobs or helping to clear the roads.

New Haven and Branford were two of the many areas who were hit hard. The snow started to taper off  in New Haven around 5 p.m. and in Branford, there were still a few flurries until 10 p.m.

"It's been awhile but you know, we're prepared. We're from Connecticut. We know what to do," said Jay Dering of Branford.

It was a long day for Dering and late Thursday night, he was finally able to take a break after driving out in the first blizzard of the year after, clearing driveways all over Branford.

However, more work has to be done in terms of snow removal efforts.

Over 55 snow plow trucks were out in full force in New Haven and they were trying to keep up with the accumulations. Mayor Toni Harp were among a few of the city officials that attended the press briefing at the Emergency Operations Center.

"My message is to be safe, drive slowly and be aware of everyone else who is out there," said Mayor Harp.

It was a slow going for commuters too. Over at Union Station, two people came back from New York City in the evening and said their travels were not exactly the smoothest.

"I slipped on the snow a couple of times. I'm still standing, but slipped on the snow a couple of times. There was a couple of delays on the bus, so that's my main bane of existence right now," said Jayson Buford of New York City.

"This morning, it was a little rough. It was really windy. It wasn't that bad. Grand Central was a little crazy but on the way back, the train in front of us got stuck so I was sitting in the train for about half an hour," said Ashley Beedle of Hamden.

Over at Bradley International Airport, a whopping 90 percent of their arriving and departing flights were cancelled.

"We're delayed until tomorrow morning. We're going to see if any flights get out tonight to see if we can get on standby but right now, it's looking like we're just going to have to wait," said Brycen Franek of Cobleskill, New York.

Now that the storm has ended, airport officials said they are working on snow removal and expect to be back on schedule Friday.