Adorable photos that show corgi ‘shopping’ at Target goes viral

MONTEREY, Calif. — Having a bad day? Well — here you go:

This adorable corgi/mini australian shepard mix named Zira went to Target and she’s clearly having a blast. Jesse, Zira’s mom posted the photos on Wednesday and since haen have garnered almost 500,000 likes and over 130,000 retweets.

Some people took issue with Zira being in the store since she wasn’t a service dog. However, an apology was posted on Zira’s instagram saying they are better educated about the laws, and didn’t mean to cause any trouble. They also highlighted that not all dogs are allowed into places of business, and they will be more considerate.

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Hi everyone! Zira here. I’m sure you’ve all seen my pictures of me strolling through Target. And I’m here to say I’ve learned a lot about the laws and regulations on pets allowed in stores. My parents weren’t aware of all the risks and dangers when they brought me in there. I was set on a towel in the cart, so I didn’t make contact with the bottom of the cart. We did not run into any other service animals. If we did, we sure would have left! I didn’t want to cause any trouble, the Target employees should have told me to leave instead of asking to pet me! My trip to Target does not make it okay for all dogs to go to their local market. We will now be more considerate about service animals needing to do their job! Everyone should do the same! -Zira 🐾

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