Ice Dreams: The Hartford Braillers are back

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NEWINGTON -- Blind and visually impaired hockey players and their sighted volunteers and coaches have come to Connecticut from all over the region to participate in what's known as the "New Year's Cup."

The host team is the year old group known as the Hartford Braillers, a team FOX61 profiled in November.

This time around, players from the Washington, D.C. area, New York, Boston, and Maine are all hitting the rink for clinics and games.

"It's very conducive to the visually impaired and it's the most fun sport they can play -- bar none," said Bruce Porter,  who is from the D.C. based Blinded Veterans Association.

Porter, who is also a coach, added the Hartford Braillers have begun to make wave on the national scene in Blind Hockey.

"The word is definitely getting out," Porter said.

Lawrence Harrison, who suffers from glaucoma but picked up hockey last year at age 58, plays for the Washington D.C. based Washington Elite team.

Harrison said he's on the rink to stay.

"What I love about it is being able to stand on the ice and move around." Burlington native and Hartford Brailler defenseman Jim Sadecki added, "for me, skating once or twice a month, traveling around the country, I'm loving every minute of it."

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