Connecticut DCP wary after Sessions revises marijuana policy

HARTFORD — When U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions green-lighted federal prosecutions of marijuana lawbreakers, the vast majority of U.S. states that allow some form of medical marijuana were suddenly place at the risk of a crackdown. Many of them, such as Connecticut, don’t allow recreational marijuana sales and are warily watching developments.

Among the legal guidance to U.S. prosecutors that Sessions rescinded was the so-called Ogden Memorandum of 2009. It told federal prosecutors not to pursue cases against medical marijuana patients and distributors who complied with state laws.

Connecticut’s medical marijuana program services over 22,000 patients, and is regulated by the Department of Consumer Protection. Lora Rae Andersen of the DCP joined FOX61’s anchor Ben Goldman Saturday morning to discuss the possible impact of the U.S. Attorney General’s actions here in Connecticut. 

The Associated Press contributed to this story.