Snow causing Wallingford to spend more money

WALLINGFORD -- More snow means the use of more salt, resulting in the town of Wallingford running low on its supply.

Wallingford Department of Public Works General Foreman Steve Palermo said town council approved the transfer of $81,710 from the town's contingency account for the purchase of more salt.

"Public safety is our number one priority in the winter," he said. "We will put down as much as we need to put down and we will stay as long as we need to, to make sure the roads are safe for our people."

Palermo said there were 10 snow events this winter that salt was needed for which caused the stock pile to decrease faster than usual.

He said the town's salt shed holds approximately 4,000 tons of road salt and is down more than half the amount.

"This is more a proactive thing," he said. "We like to keep that building at least half full."

According to Palermo, the town budgeted $360,000 for salt to last the entire winter and the road salt reserves have depleted faster than it could restock. Public works has used more than 3,200 tons of salt, already this winter.

Palermo says the smaller storms usually require more salt.

"With the black ice and stuff a lot of times it freezes over the top of the salt, you need to put more salt down," he said.

Monday night's approved funds will allow public works to purchase 1,000 more tons of salt.

Palermo expects the new supply to be in Wallingford in about a week.