Jaylen Brown: Trump Made It ‘More acceptable for racists to speak their minds’

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

BOSTON —  Celtics’ shooting guard Jaylen Brown, has not only been vocal on the court, but he has also been vocal off.

In an interview prior to Boston’s matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers in London, Brown spoke on the issue of racism in America.

According to Bleacher Report, Brown expressed his belief that President Donald Trump has been an enabler.

“Racism definitely exists across America today. Of course it’s changed a lot—and my opportunities are far greater than they would have been 50 years ago. So some people think racism has dissipated or no longer exists. But it’s hidden in more strategic places. You have less people coming to your face and telling you certain things. But Trump has made it a lot more acceptable for racists to speak their minds,” Brown Said.

Brown also touched on his upbringing in Marietta, Georgia, where at times he said he was faced with racism.

“Racism definitely still exists in the South,” Brown said. “I’ve experienced it through basketball. I’ve had people call me the n-word. I’ve had people come to basketball games dressed in monkey suits with a jersey on. I’ve had people paint their face black at my games. I’ve had people throw bananas in the stands.”