Drivers advised to wash cars to avoid car damage following recent snow storm

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MIDDLETOWN -- Matt Rook, owner of "A Marvelous Car Wash" in Middletown has been on a roll of late.

Cars and trucks are streaming into his 20-year-old car wash to get the dirt, sludge, and salt that has been so abundant in recent days in the wake of the snowstorm that dumped more than a foot onto areas of the state.

"When the weather gets above freezing, the cars come in like gangbusters," Rook said.

AAA of Connecticut notes that there are added reasons especially this time of year to get your car washed.

Amy Parmenter, the manager of public relations and government affairs at AAA of Connecticut said, "according to an AAA survey road de-icers and salt do about three billion dollars worth of damage a year for U.S. drivers and the cost for those repairs can be about $500 per driver."

Rook, busy guiding cars onto the tracks to his car wash, said road salts "can get into your brake lines, your exhaust, just all functions of your car."

Parmenter said AAA isn't condemning the use of road salts, "but we want to remind drivers to make sure that once those de-icers have done their job then you need to wash it off."

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