Second Republican gubernatorial debate draws newcomers to the stage

HEBRON -- In the second of five republican gubernatorial debates, Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti made his first appearance.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton also joined the group after successfully recovering from surgery to remove a benign brain tumor last year. He said he's fully recovered.

All candidates were given a chance to paint their picture of a better Connecticut. One of the major talking points discussed was how to cut the state's spending.

Candidates suggested pension reform, fixing the department of motor vehicles even declaring no state income tax for those making less than $100,000 dollars a year.

Dave Walker feels the state's issue with its unions is unavoidable.

“Override the state employee benefit agreement, override the anti-layoff provision and look at what government is doing and how government is doing business.," says Walker.

An issue all candidates agreed on was how to keep businesses in the state. They all felt it was necessary to keep the market competitive by eliminating taxes for business.

The first debate was hosted by FOX 61, the Hartford Courant, and the Connecticut Republican Party. FOX61's Jennifer Bernstein moderated the debate along with Hartford Courant's Capitol Bureau Chief, Chris Keating.

The next debate will take place in February in West Haven.