PD: Middletown High School student brought confederate flag to school

MIDDLETOWN -- Middletown police are investigating an incident involving a white male student posting on social media and showing of a confederate flag.

Students tell FOX61 the post was originally shared on Snapchat, which didn't take long to go viral.

“I broke down in tears because I was just very distraught,” said Diamond Rose-Daniels, a senior at Middletown High School.

Diamond said the student is from Durham but attends Middletown High.

Superintendent of Middletown Schools, Dr. Michael Conner, said he couldn’t confirm if any altercation occurred or whether or not anyone had been arrested.

Diamond added, “as a minority, I don’t know what society has come to. I feel that this is a big deal because due to like it’s clear racism.”

Cell phone videos show the student running around the school parking lot with the flag and some said he was yelling obscenities.

“No kid should have to go through this,” said Deziar Rose-Daniels.

He said school officials, including the principal, are also investigating.

No arrests were made. Superintendent Dr. Michael Connor told FOX61 he plans on meeting with the school’s Minority Union Student Council next week to discuss values and beliefs.

However, some people could not wait until next week. A meeting was held at the Open Door Missionary Baptist Church Friday evening where those who were hurt could discuss the issue openly. There were concerned parents, teachers and students.

“I just felt disgusted. I was quiet the whole day. I was upset,” added Deziar Rose-Daniels.

She said teachers received an email from the administrators to remind students there is help offered if they are affected.

“It’s been chaotic. I seen a lot of kids crying today,” added Deziar Rose-Daniels.

Dr. Michael Connor said the social media post upset members of the school’s African American community, and that he will be posting a comment to the district’s website Friday afternoon.

He said he is meeting with staff on this issue along with the school’s Minority Union Student Council next week.

There has to be a “healing process” Conner said, and that we are “leaders in equity and promote equity in our schools.” He also said the incident “contradicts our values and beliefs.”

Police and school officials have not identified the student and have not said if he will face any punishment at all, but Middletown's Mayor Dan Drew said in a Facebook post: "The Middletown police are investigating the incident. The information they gather will be shared with the state's attorney."

Click here to read full statement from Conner.