Thousand of residents in Windham left without power after overnight rains

WINDHAM -- Overnight rains caused issues for many people waking up on across the state Saturday morning, and as temperatures continue to plummet, it could cause more problems for more people.

In Windham, thousands of people were left without power Saturday morning.

According to Eversource, a substation in the Windham area interrupted the power flow at around 6:30 a.m., shutting it down in places to protect itself from problems created by wind and trees on the wires.

Fox61 spoke with neighbors in the area who said they were awake when it happened.

"I was having my coffee I was on the computer I heard a sound like a humming wind and vibration and the lights went out," said Tom Jarusinski. "It flashed a light there and my neighbors were freaking out saying oh my god oh my god they thought it was a thunderstorm going through here."