Local siblings write book on trials and tribulations of growing up without a father

MANCHESTER -- The Franklin brothers, Korey 16, Kahari 13, and Keyon 12, made it their mission to spread the word about their situation at home.

They have been raised by their mother and wrote a book about the trials and tribulations about growing up without a father, and stress that it shouldn't hold you back in life.

The self published children's book is called Daddy Who? Mommy You!

"I feel like it's important," said Korey, a junior at Manchester High School. "I know a lot of people at my school who deal with the same issues and I shared the book and they were really inspired by it."

The book, which was both written and illustrated by the brothers, is also meant to foster creativity. Kahari, who is an 8th grader, said "the message is to make something out of your passion and be creative."

12-year-old Keyon added, "not having a father shouldn't change what you want to do in life."

The Franklin brothers have been involved in writing books before, they all mentioned they have aspirations to become either authors or illustrators when they grow up.

You can purchase the book here.