Towns prepare for another round of snow

WEST HARTFORD -- Public works crews are ready to take on another snow event, spending the day Tuesday preparing.

West Hartford Director of Public Works John Phillips said the town's 24 trucks have been checked ahead of the snow fall to be sure they're ready to operate.

Phillips said the entire fleet will head out, Wednesday, and there are a dozen contractors on standby.

He said the town will wait for the storm to develop and adapt accordingly.

"We manage to the situation of each individual storm," he said. "They’re all unique, road conditions will be unpredictable, and changes will happen without notice."

A parking ban will be in place in the town beginning at 12 a.m., Wednesday and ending at 8 p.m. West Hartford police said they will strictly enforce the ban, towing and ticketing anyone that doesn't abide.

Phillips said the parking ban allows crews to plow the roads effectively.

"With warmer temperatures coming the end of the week we want to make sure that the melting snow can make it to the catch basin so its really important that our plow guys have a clean and clear street to plow," he said.

A concern for Phillips and other town's leaders is how the snow fall could impact morning rush hour. Torrington Mayor Elinor Carbone said the city has been preparing for snowfall by diligently working clearing the streets from previous storms.

"The first thing we make sure we’re doing is clearing as much of the snow banks away from the heavily traffic streets," she said. "Most of the traffic congestion is on Main Street and East Main Street is a challenge in itself, those are narrower streets, that require some attention immediately but our residential areas are really up on the hills."

Mayor Carbone said school will be closed, Wednesday, which may encourage people to stay home and off the roads.

In the meantime, the city will have about 20 trucks out treating them.

A parking ban will also be in place in Torrington, according to the mayor.

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