EXCLUSIVE: Thieves steal hundreds of dollars from Granby Girl Scouts

GRANBY -- Granby Girl Scouts Troop recently learned a tough lesson.

On December 30, 2017, thieves somehow drained their Simsbury Bank account of $847.23.

"Everybody initially was really shocked and disappointed," said Troop leader Sharon Pisiakowski.

She checked the bank statement and found a purchase at a Best Buy in New Jersey. Pisiakowski said Best Buy told her there was nothing they could do about it. They typically advise fraud victims to contact police.

After filing a police report, Granby police officers gave her a fair warning.

"These types of cases usually you don't get your money back but that the bank should cover us," said Pisiakowski.

She pleaded with Simsbury Bank but they told her they weren't liable for the incident. They told her that there isn't the same protections for business accounts that there are for consumer accounts.

She contacted the bank's corporate offices and was promised a phone call but never got one.

"These are little girls and nobody seems to really care," said Pisiakowski.

FOX61 showed up to the Simsbury Bank corporate offices and spoke with their president. By the end, he managed to make an exception to their rule.

"In this case we clearly want to reimburse the customer for their loss because we as a community bank want to support the community organizations that make this a great place to live and work," said Simsbury Bank President and CEO Martin Geitz.

"We're appreciative of Simsbury Bank for agreeing to reimburse us,"said Pisiakowski. "And we're so thankful for FOX61 that you guys took the time to investigate and do the story and help us get our money back."

Best Buy issued this statement to FOX 61:

"Best Buy advises customers who experience fraud to file a police report and reach out to their financial institution."