Woman pays for kid’s school lunches in Bristol 

BRISTOL -- A former student at Mountain View Elementary has stepped up for parents and kids at her old school with a simple act of kindness.

Nicole Crandle, 26, attended Mountain View and lives blocks from the school. When Crandle learned dozens of parents were struggling to pay off the debts for their kids cafeteria bills, she jumped in to pay for all of it.

"I'm not doing it for any other reason, I just want to give back, that's all," said Crandle.

Crandle, who works in a New Britain pharmacy, donated $400 of her hard-earned money to help the parents at her old elementary school.

"I absolutely hope this inspires kids and everyone to give back any way they can," Crandle said.

Mary Hawk, the principal at Mountain View said, "in 20 years as an administrator I've never had someone do such a nice and thoughtful thing for our students."

Steve Chiarillo, a mentor at Mountain View who also has four grandkids at the school added, "the fact that she (Nicole) took care of this debt is just wonderful, it's spectacular."

Crandle, who walked the halls of Mountain View for the first time in nine years said, "the littlest things can snowball and make the biggest effect, it can mean the world to someone out there."