“He’s the Energizer bunny,” 86-year-old volunteer helping others with hundreds of homes

MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) -- Long before the sun comes up, Jim Easter is hard at work.

This 86-year-old war veteran has been volunteering with Habitat For Humanity since 1994.

“I love working with my hands and I've gotten pretty good at it," Easter told KFOR.

Jim's handiwork can be found inside 750 homes across Oklahoma, the results of 10,200 hours of free labor.

Jim's dedication and commitment to excellence prompted construction manager Aaron McRee to nominate him for Pay it 4ward.

“He's the first guy usually on the job site. He's the Energizer bunny. When he leaves us, he goes to visit hospitals and home visits for his parishioners,” McRee said.

Bobby Burger with First Fidelity Bank, helps us with the surprise. “I'm pleased to be presenting this $400 to you on behalf of First Fidelity for Jim," he said.

Flanked by an army of friends and family, we surprised Easter at a Habitat home in Mustang.

"Oh my goodness! I don't know what to say. Well, you know how much I love Habitat. This is certainly a great thing you're doing. I'm a sentimental guy and I might start getting a little teary. I just love what I'm doing,” he said.

Jim is not sure yet how he'll use his $400, but he promises the first 10% will go straight to his church.

And he'll keep volunteering as long as God allows.

“Well, I've got to finish my cabinets now,” Easter said.

Story from KFOR.