Weekend thaw coming; potential flooding a cause of concern

HADDAM - The Malloy Administration says it is closely monitoring the situation along the Connecticut River where local officials in Haddam issued a proclamation of emergency. A request that the Governor declare a state of emergency and make resources available in case the worst happens.

There are two large ice dams near East Haddam and Essex that are causing major backups and the potential for flooding. The National Weather Service issued a flood warning for residents living in central Connecticut along the banks of the river.

The US Coast Guard continued its ice breaking mission with two cutters that are crushing the ice dams in an attempt to get the river flowing again.

However, the locals in Haddam said the town has become an attraction for people in-state and out-of-state.

"People have been coming through and sightseeing and taking pictures. It's bringing a lot of traffic to say the least," said longtime East Haddam resident, Ryan Bogan.

Bogan said he has lived in East Haddam for close to 30 years and during his every day drive to work, he said he has seen homes by the river that are deep beneath sheets of ice, especially near the Eagle Landing State Park.

However, many of those homes are seasonal so the owners are not typically inside during the winter.

"If you go up towards Powerhouse Road, you can see all the homes at the bottom of Salmon River. You can just see all the ice coming up on their yards," added Bogan.