Thousands march on Connecticut Capitol Building for Women’s Day March

HARTFORD -- Saturday marked the one year anniversary of the Women's March where millions across the world marched in protest against the Trump administration. In Connecticut, thousands came to the capital in celebration of the anniversary.

A sea of people descended on the capital Saturday afternoon, thousands hoping their message is heard.

“2018 is a huge year, we get to flip what we’re seeing happening in terms of trends eroding our civil liberties this year, if we can leave with hope and energy to get through those elections I’ll be thrilled,” said organizer Sharlene Kerelejza.

Saturday marked the 1 year anniversary of the women’s march, when millions across the world marched in protest, advocating legislation and policies regarding issues from women's reproductive rights to immigrant rights.

“The policies that he’s pushing forth are doing nothing to benefit any of the citizens of our country and in fact are injuring us in the eyes of the world," said Hebron resident and marcher Mary Heitman.

Mary Heitman from Hebron took her two daughters to Washington DC last year in protest of President Donald Trump.

Organizers say Saturday’s event was aimed to reflect on last year and keep the movement going.