FOX61 Family First: Take care when posting about your children on social media

HARTFORD -- It's called "sharenting" - a term used to explain the "overuse" of social media, not by kids, but by their parents, sharing the good, the bad, and the awkward.

"A lot of parents put a lot of information about their children online, and a lot of them do it almost reflexively," said Dr. Robert Keder.

Dr. Robert Keder is a behavioral pediatrician at CCMC. He said since social media became a vital part of a child's adolescent landscape, nothing seems to be off-limits when it comes to putting your kids on display - and that's a problem.

"Some of the embarrassing things get up there, some people put up stuff about behaving well, or misbehaving or accomplishments or things stressful to them," said Dr. Robert Keder.

He said the one thing parents need a reminder of is: nothing online is private, and everything is permanent and embarrassing details don't disappear.

So what shouldn't you be posting online about your kids?

"I wouldn't be posting anything that, if you were the child, I really wish that weren't up there that didn't make me look good," said Dr. Robert Keder.

Remember the digital footprint.

A google search of your child can bring up all sorts of info about them. As an adult you can pick and choose, but now you're choosing for your kid and altering their privacy.

Some parents put things up because they're cute or funny, but I would invite the parent to stop and flip the situation if you were a child and saw this ten years from now.

Would you appreciate it being there ?

So take a moment to stop and ask "why am I posting this?" or "do I need to put this online?"

Dr. Keder said the negative impacts can outweigh the positives, leading to tremendous pressure for your children performing in school, in social skills and at home, especially if they think that nothing is sacred and there are no boundaries to what can be put online.